At the Delta Companies Inc., we know the best way to ensure customer and client loyalty and repeat business is by earning the trust of our customers and clients. We earn that trust daily with each transaction by providing high quality services and products.

It is our goal that each load of aggregates, asphalt, or emulsion leaving one of our facilities meets or exceeds the project specifications. We have material testing facilities in each state in which we operate to provide timely testing results and remedies, if necessary.


Our current Quality Control team includes a Quality Control Director, three Quality Control Managers, and a staff of eighteen Quality Control Technicians. Many of our team members have earned multiple certifications (Aggregates, Hot Mix Asphalt, Soils, Density, Superpave, etc.) in multiple states (Arkansas, Missouri). As of today, our team members have earned 100 certifications in 18 different programs.


When you purchase from the Delta Companies, you are “buying confidence.” Confidence that our products and services will satisfy your requirements and help you achieve your project goals.