See Something Say Something

We are going to share a little story from yesterday, which occurred at our Heartland Materials Quarry. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

While loading shot rock from in front of a high wall, the Crew Foreman Cody Koehler noticed some material falling from the wall, so he decided to investigate. He proceeded to the top of the wall and discovered a crack. He placed a board on the crack as a frame of reference. The crack continued to grow, so he notified Quarry Manager Bill Emmendorfer. They decided to address the situation immediately. They secured the area from personnel in the quarry. Then, utilized an excavator to remove the loose material, thus eliminating the hazardous condition.

Before: From Above

Before: Showing loose rock

After: Showing the excavator solving the problem

The following are comments by Regional EHS Coordinator Jerry Neels regarding the actions of the team:

“I know you already know this but this is so critical and is exactly how things are supposed to work in mining.  

1) An excellent and thorough work place exam was done.

2) A potential serious ground control issue was identified.

3) Miners were moved out of the area until the hazard could be corrected.

4) Hazard addressed and abated. 


Excellent example of “see something, say something!” We must always remain vigilant in watching for potential hazards AND then addressing them, as the crew at Heartland Materials Quarry did!