Delta Safety Steering Team Holds Meeting at Liquid Terminal

On April 19, the Delta Safety Steering Team (DSST) held its monthly meeting at the Heartland Asphalt Materials Liquid Terminal in New Madrid, Missouri.

Terminal Manager Kevin Faulkner provided us with an overview of the terminal operations and conducted site specific hazard training. Then later, he and Cliff Condict escorted members of the DSST (and others) on tours of the facility.

Steve Peterson provided the “safety minute” for the meeting by reminding all of us that farmers are working the land and moving equipment from one field to another. These vehicles are large, wide, and slow. It is difficult for the drivers to see cars and pickups, so be sure to exercise caution when approaching these vehicles.

The DSST reviewed the Safety Meeting, New Hire Onboarding, and S.H.I.E.L.D.S. (Sharing Hazards, Identifying, Educating, Locating & Developing Solutions) metrics for each area. We are pleased to report that through March 2018, we have received 30 SHIELDS. Thank you to all those who are submitting these reports to help their co-workers be aware of potential hazards. Details of the SHIELDS will be shared through separate emails, which provide excellent topics for your Safety Meetings.

We are also happy to report we are seeing Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) being completed, reported, and saved in the S Drive. These SOPs will make our operations safe and efficient.

We selected potential members for CI Team #5. If you are interested in serving on this CI Team, please notify a member of the DSST as soon as possible.

The DSST coordinated this month’s meeting to coincide with the Open House at the Terminal. The fact that the lunch was catered by Mike’s Meats might have had something to do with it!

The Delta Safety Steering Team will visit various Delta Companies facilities throughout the year. In May, we will visit the SIS Quarry in Buncombe, Illinois.

These site visits allow the DSST to observe and learn about our various operations and employees. It also provides an opportunity for the DSST to hear the concerns, comments, and success stories first hand from the folks in the field. Please share your comments and questions with us when we visit or any other time.

Thanks to Kevin Faulkner, Cliff Condict, Jon Powell, Harold Graham, and Becky Nowell for hosting us!