Cape Girardeau Shops Earns Colas 6S Platinum Certification

Ever wonder how it feels to be #1 in the world? To be the best-in-class? To be the first to achieve?

Just ask our North Region Shop Manager Tony Shafer or any member of his team at the Equipment Shop in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. They can tell you!

On October 28, the Cape Girardeau Shop received the Colas 6S Shop Platinum Certification. It was the first Shop in the world to achieve this honor.

The Colas 6S Certification process was established in 2014 to raise the bar on safety and efficiency in Shops through the application of the six principles of Safety, Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This Shop earned the Bronze Certification in May 2014, the Silver in May 2015, and the Gold in May 2016.

“The teamwork and 6S program interaction that the shop employees displayed was some of the best I have observed. Sustainability of the shop was evident in all aspects of the 6S program,” according to Sam Reed, Director of Equipment for Colas Solutions Inc., a member of the Colas Audit Team that evaluated the Shop.

The team at the Shop consists of Gary McIntyre, Kevin Keene, Levi Harris, Bruce McAdams, Mike Haley, and, of course, Tony Shafer. Several of the mechanics have been with Delta prior to the beginning of the Colas 6S process, so they know the work required to earn and maintain each of the levels. It is evident they have taken ownership of the 6S principles and take pride in their accomplishments.

Cape Girardeau Shop Crew

Others involved in the administration and support of the Shop include North Region Manager Steve Peterson, Construction Manager Brandon Machen, Region Controller Dean Richardson, Safety Specialist Jordan Janet; Staff Accountant Laura Meyr; and (then) Plants and Equipment Manager Jerry Farnham.

Victoria Taffet, Continuous Improvement Manager for Colas Inc., was also a member of the Audit Team. She had this to say about the Cape Girardeau Shop: “What impressed me the most is the comradery of the shop employees. I had the most fun giving some of them a scenario, then asking them what would they do, how would they respond? The employees were amazing in their understanding of what to do in an emergency. They were awesome!”

In addition to Victoria and Sam, the Audit Team included Jerry Farnham, (now) Director of Equipment for Colas Inc.; Bruce Menke, EHS Manager for the Delta Companies Inc.; and Brad Collins, Northeast Division Controller for Barrett Paving Materials Inc. The Audit Team invested two days in inspecting, verifying documentation, and interviewing employees.

The following is a sample of the approximately 50 audit questions and required processes:

  • System that identifies responsible person(s) to renew permits, complete reporting and recordkeeping, pay fees. System that provides reminders prior to due dates.
  • Submit the Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) for spill reporting, including who is responsible. Review the SOP and documentation to support the process.
  • All Critical Tasks have documented procedures stored in a Critical Task binder. A procedure is in-place to train all Critical Task List items and employee training is documented on training matrix.
  • Process map indicating the flow of Daily Equipment Inspection Process, including document transfer, how items are addressed, and the close out.
  • Review Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) for tracking equipment downtime and related costs.
  • Review of the financial health of the Shop, including margin, unallocated expenses, and balancing of the Equipment Cost Report.
  • When asked how the audit of the Cape Girardeau Shop would impact future audits of other shops, Victoria was quick to reply: “Tony Shafer and his team have set a pretty high bar for other shops to meet!” She also stated she believes another Delta Shop could be ready for the Platinum next year.

Delta Companies Inc. President Zach Green was thrilled for the recognition given to Tony and his team. “We always knew our best-in-class guys ran a best-in-class shop, and this just proves it!”

Shop Manager Tony Shafer with Colas 6S Platinum Certificate and Award