Phil Heimbecker Speaks at Young Professionals Event

Last week, the Young Professionals with the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce held their first leadership summit in Cape Girardeau. This event was packed with guest speakers, breakout sessions and a great opportunity to network with young professionals in the local area.

Our Director of Human Resources Phil Heimbecker lead the breakout session on Conflict Resolution. Confrontation is a necessary part of solving problems. Many people would be better off if they knew how to confront others in a way that gets better results.

What’s so hard about getting confrontations right? At the root, most confrontations are just an interaction between two different people. Confrontation does not have to be adversarial. Phil shared several key factors as to how to get this right!

Conflicts are inevitable; however,  they do not have to be confrontational.  When done correctly, they become a forum for creativity, teamwork, and can increase employee motivation and engagement.

Working together we can —- “Be, Pick, and Inspire the Right People.”