Delta Companies Inc. Employee Spotlight Cecilia Cain

Growing up, mathematics came as easily to Cecilia Cain as hard work. Her father was co-owner of a rental company, so her connection to the world of construction seemed a natural one. It was, however, advice offered by her uncle that encouraged her to pursue a career in civil engineering and construction.

At Penn State University, Cecilia focused on a degree in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis on materials and construction management. She took advantage of their internship program, where she performed inspections — primarily on asphalt paving jobs — for the Florida Department of Transportation, and she gained experience with HRI, Inc.

Upon graduation in 2010, Cecilia joined Delta Companies Inc. She began her career specifically with Apex Paving Company, progressing from estimating to scheduling and coordinating subcontractors to managing projects. Much of this experience has been as a prime or subcontractor on Missouri Department of Transportation and municipal projects throughout southeast Missouri.

Having recently been promoted to Project Manager, her opportunity to work on small and large projects — from interstates and airports to rural roads and parking lots — will serve her well in her new role.

She finds her greatest joy in her family. She and her husband Scott were excited to celebrate the first birthday of their son Connor in October. Additionally, they are working relentlessly to renovate a log home. In the rare event she has free time beyond work and family, Cecilia enjoys fishing.

When asked about her favorite aspect of working for Delta, Cecilia says it’s her coworkers. She has worked alongside many of the same people for nearly ten years. It is those relationships she has forged with her “work family” that Cecilia values the most.