Making Someone’s Day!

It is not uncommon for a paving crew to have a break in the action while waiting on the next truckload of asphalt to be delivered. There could be issues at the asphalt plant, heavy traffic, or numerous other reasons for a delay to occur. The ASA Asphalt crew certainly made good use of that wait time recently.

We could not give the story justice by attempting to re-tell it, so we include the two postings from our Facebook account below. (We did “XXXX” out the street address for safety concerns.)

“I want to make sure the men working on XXXX Street in New Madrid get a big pat on the back! My 4-year old son, Will, gets off the bus at my parents’ house on XXXX Street every day after lunch. He loves equipment of any kind! Today he got to watch your men work on the road and it made his day! The men saw him watching from the yard and took time to talk to him and answer his 500 questions! Will has a genetic disorder called Noonans Syndrome that causes physical and intellectual disabilities. When I picked him up today, he was able to tell me about all the equipment and how they work! Equipment is the one thing that he knows and remembers from day to day. Thank you for being so sweet to Will and making his day so special!”  – Leslie Russell Sutton



“I would like to thank your workers for the great job they did on my road in New Madrid. I would also like to thank them for making my grandson’s day! We watched them working and while waiting for some asphalt to be delivered they took time to talk with my grandson Will and answer his MANY questions. A few days later on their way home they stopped by and gave him a little hard hat! You have such outstanding workers and also kind gentlemen who represent your company well. I just wanted to say thanks to them!” – Debbie Russell

We provide training and instructions to our employees on safety, production, quality, ethics, and customer service. We do not provide training or instructions to our employees on how to be kind, considerate, and thoughtful people. Our employees bring that with them!

Thank you Ms. Sutton and Ms. Russell for taking the time to send recognition to our crew. We will certainly share your kind words with them.

Thank you, Will, for keeping our crew on their toes. We wish you the very best!

We wish to recognize ASA Asphalt Supervisor Kenny Carlton and his crew for an excellent job of paving and an outstanding job of being human! Thanks, guys!

We build roads to make a living; we build relationships to make a life.


You may learn more about Noonans Syndrome by visiting