Delta Companies Inc. Hosts First Friday Coffee in Poplar Bluff

We had the privilege of hosting this month’s Greater Poplar Bluff Area Chamber of Commerce “First Friday Coffee.” (

Approximately 60 people attended the event held this morning beginning at 8:30 am. They were given a brief introduction to the Delta Companies Inc. and then watched the “world premiere” of our video depicting numerous activities at our Williamsville Stone Quarry and Poplar Bluff Asphalt Plant.
The video, starring Quarry Manager Dan Cravens, was filmed and produced by Blake Thomas with RLT Productions (located in Poplar Bluff) under the creative direction of Terrah Stratton, our Sales Representative for the area. Terrah is new to our organization and brought new ideas with her. The video was one such idea.

The crowd heard … “The Delta Companies Inc. is a site development and highway contractor specializing in asphalt paving and road construction materials, including aggregates, asphalt paving mixtures (hot, warm, and cold), asphalt emulsions, and other asphalt-related products. Delta operates throughout southeast Missouri, northeast Arkansas, and southern Illinois. Our corporate office is located in Cape Girardeau. During the peak construction months, Delta employs approximately 400 hard-working men and women dedicated to producing high quality materials, performing on time and on budget construction services, and providing professional and caring customer service…”

We had originally planned to hold this event at our Quarry; however, upon review we decided there were some logistical issues. The number of vehicles that would be driven to and around the site posed safety concerns – the safety of our visitors, the safety of our employees, and the safety of our customers and their trucks. We elected to host the event at the Bread + Butter Cafe (located in Poplar Bluff). Owner Matt Dodd and staff (especially Asia) offered a great location with great food and service.
The Delta Companies Inc. team was well represented at this event by President Zach Green, Human Resources Director Phil Heimbecker, Human Resources Generalist Taylor Kirn, Asphalt Plants Manager Joe Vernon, Aggregates Area Manager Mike Martin, Quarry Manager Dan Cravens, Sales Manager Jason Barber, Sales Representative Terrah Stratton, Heartland Asphalt Materials Sales Representative Quentin Kelley, and Business Development Manager Don Rosenbarger.

Now, back to the “world premiere” of our video … you may view it on YouTube at:
You may contact the Quarry at (573) 998-2416, the Asphalt Plant at (573) 998-2222, or Terrah Stratton at (573) 380-0723.