Delta Earns Recognition from Arkansas Department of Labor

Earlier this year, Delta Asphalt of Arkansas received recognition from the Arkansas Department of Labor and the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission for its safety performance in 2019.

The “Accumulative Years Safety Award” was given in acknowledgement of working without a “Lost Day Away from Work” for last year.

Criteria for the Award focuses on statistics, such as total labor hours worked and lost-time days. It also looks at the company’s Safety and Health Program, including safety committees, employee participation, and employee and management interaction.

John Bennett, Regional Manager of Delta Asphalt of Arkansas, said it is very appropriate that the Award is addressed to the “Employees of Delta Asphalt.” He explained: “The company only furnishes the tools and resources to work safe, but the employees are making safe decisions and demonstrating safe behaviors. They are the ones that earned this award!”

This Safety Award Program was established in 1976 by a joint effort of the Arkansas Department of Labor, the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission, and Arkansas Insurance Department to recognize employers and employees that exhibit a commitment to a safe workplace.