Arkansas crews earns Quality Asphalt Paving Award

Congratulations to our Arkansas Construction Team for earning the 2016 State Winner Quality Asphalt Paving Award sponsored by the Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association.

The award winning project was the rehabilitation of I-55 from North of Highway 18 to the Missouri State Line.

The purpose of the project was to reconstruct 4.2 miles of the I-55 main lanes and raise one overpass bridge structure east of Blytheville in Mississippi County, Arkansas.

The project included 24,000 cubic yards of excavation and embankment; 107,000 square yards of rubblization of existing pcc pavement, 102,000 tons of asphalt base mix; 48,000 tons of asphalt binder mix; 59,000 tons pf asphalt surface mix: guardrail; wire rope safety fence; raising/modification of an overpass bridge; erosion control items; and pavement markings.

The project asphalt mixes were governed by Percent Within Limits (PWL) specifications. Very challenging for approximately 209,000 tons of asphalt mix.

Delta personnel responsible for our performance on the project include the following:

  • Project Manager – Brad Marotti
  • Paving Foremen – Wade Murray & Shane Moody
  • Earthwork Foremen – Jim and David Chastain
  • Quality Control Manager – Daryl Masinagle
  • Quality Control Technicians – Cody Cooper and Derrin Wineland
  • Trucking Coordinator – Shane Kelley
  • Luxora Plant
    • Day Shift Foreman & Plant Manager – Don Brumley
    • Night Shift Foreman – Tim Eash
    • Groundman – Bruce Robinson & Les Morgan
    • Loader & Plant Operator – Levi Wallace
  • Plus all the operators, laborers, drivers, and subcontractors involved in the construction of this project!

(I apologize if I have missed anyone in the list above.)

Congratulations to Regional Manager John Bennett and his team for a job well done and a well done job!