ASA Asphalt

ASA Asphalt Joins the Delta Companies Inc.

Two brothers, F.E. (Gene) and Donald Rhodes, bought the L.O. Reutzel Company in 1979.  They renamed the company, ASA Asphalt, Inc., to honor their father Asa Rhodes.  The family is originally from Advance, Missouri and surrounding areas. 


In 2007, Roger Poythress bought out Donald Rhodes’ interest in the company.  Roger is a son-in-law of Gene Rhodes, and became the sole owner in 2010.


ASA Asphalt, Inc. started as a small company that has grown steadily throughout the years.  The company performs asphalt paving and seal coating on city streets, parking lots, driveways, and airports.  The jobs have spanned all over Southeast Missouri, from very small towns to large cities. 


Delta Asphalt, Inc. and Apex Paving Co., subsidiaries of the Delta Companies Inc., acquired all of the assets of ASA Asphalt, Inc. in the state of Missouri in March 2018.

The crews of ASA Asphalt continue to provide the same great service and quality products its customers are accustomed to receiving, and now have the full range of resources, technology, and products of the Delta Companies!


You may learn more about our services and products by navigating through our website or by talking with Kenny Lambert, Nate Crowden, or Austin Williams at (573) 722-3111.